FF&E are movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of building or utilities. These items depreciate subtantially but definitely are important cost to consider when valuing a company, especially in liquidation.

Examples of FF&E include desks, chairs, computers, electronic equipment, tables, bookcases, and partitions.

Sometimes the term FF & A is used (furniture, fixtures, and accessories).








OS&E is short for Operating Supplies and Equipment . It is the small equipment which is manufactured off site and most if it does not require any installation. In brief the term includes the hotel’s operating equipment such as chinaware, bed linen, silverware, uniforms, housekeeping equipment and engineering tools, all loose kitchen and laundry equipment, loose health club equipment,

The above do not include consumable supplies such as food, drink or paper products, wall coverings, hard floor finishes, wall tiling, plumbing fixtures such as faucets, washbasins, baths or wcs, built-in millwork such as the reception desk, PABX systems and handsets, or computer cabling.

It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Definition of Scope Document is made available to all concerned with the project at an early stage. It may be appropriate to agree an exception to the Definition because of local practice, for example in some countries carpet supply may be regarded as a part of the General Contractor’s work. What is essential is that everybody uses the same Definition; if they do not it is very likely that some items may be double or nil supplied and that this will result in additional costs and delays..




East West Tibken Associates manages interior projects to ensure that all the resources and materials are used efficiently, effectively and imaginatively. This creative and innovative approach has, in the past, proven to add value.

The entire project, from inception to completion and beyond is co-ordinated for the client. The rationalizing of budgets, synchronizing of all the other professional teams from concept design to fit-out, inventory management and defining and running the interior programmed.

Access to quality products at reasonable prices is the result of many years of co-operation with some of the foremost suppliers of products to the hospitality industry. This degree of access and pricing cannot be achieved by a single unit and substantial cost savings can be achieved via the Peter Tibken Associates procurement service.

Due consideration is given to the quality and manufacture of items as they are expected to withstand the rigours of long term use. Peter Tibken Associates ensures that appropriate due diligence is carried out on all products, particularly in relation to safety and durability.

East West Tibken Associates is not constrained by administrative and corporate strategy restrictions and is therefore able to focus on providing a flexible solution for the client with a view to forming a long term relationship between the two companies.

The senior management of East West Tibken Associates is personally involved in every project to ensure that the expectations of the client are not only met, but exceeded.

Through East West Tibken Associates’ sourcing and negotiations expertise, clients can be confident that maximum value for money is achieved.

Favorable transport and logistics solutions help to reduce the overall cost.


Budgets are compiled based on client requirements with recommendations given by East West Tibken Associates based on data compiled from past experience and knowledge of the latest products in the marketplace.

The feasibility of the budget is assessed against the design proposals and quantification of all FF&E elements is undertaken to encompass varying room configurations and standards.

A bespoke budgeting and ordering system has been created specifically for hotel related projects which enables all the relevant items to be included according to the specifications of the hotel, i.e. number of rooms, F&B outlets, C&B and Leisure facilities.

A cash flow forecast is produced based on available information and status is reported on a regular basis to the client.

Throughout the project, financial aspects of the project are closely monitored to ensure that expenditure is contained within budgetary limits.

Reports are customized according to the client needs and are provided on a regular basis throughout the project life.









Before completion of a project, East West Tibken Associates will ensure that the following is carried out.

  • Suppliers and installation contractors carry out adequate snagging procedures prior to instigation of any handover.
  • A detailed inspection of the entire installation is carried out and an itemized snagging list is prepared.
  • Manufacturers and contractors carry out all remedial works as necessary.
  • A controlled, phased handover is conducted as the various areas are completed.
  • All legal, safety and information documentation relating to the items supplied is made available to the operator.
  • Training programmes are provided to the operator in the proper use of products supplied especially with regards to machinery and chemicals.
  • Statutory guidelines and generally accepted principles are provided to end users.
  • Final account details are agreed with all contractors allowing for any retention clauses.
  • Certificates, warranties and operating manuals are provided to the operator.

The client is provided with an Operators Manual listing sources, descriptions and specifications of all items provided.